Why is this blog a blog?

In the instructions for this assignment we were encouraged to think about the form that the submission would take. At first, it seemed obvious to me: I was going to focus on ebook covers, so I should make an ebook of covers! I would probably do it in epub format so it could be read on any device.

However, it soon became clear that this wasn’t going to work. An ebook is usually viewed in greyscale, as the e-ink screens don’t show colour. How could I compare colour and greyscale covers if I couldn’t show the colour cover? It is also notoriously difficult to get the formatting right in flowable ebooks that inclue images. I decided to write it as a blog instead. The blog format has all the benefits of being online, allowing me to easily link to references and further reading, and it allows me to separate different points into different entries.

I wanted to be able to compare a large number of covers at once, but this isn’t possible on the small screen of an ereader. In fact, it isn’t really possible on the average computer screen. My assignment was going to need a physical component. I intend this blog to be read in conjunction with an A3 copy of my Book Cover Chart which lets you easily compare a range of different thumbnail covers in colour and in greyscale.

If you don’t have a physical copy then here is an online version (click to see it in large). I don’t think you get the same overview by looking at the online version as you do by looking at the physical version, but it’s still useful.

Book Cover Chart